How can I see a shipping quote?

Shipping rates can vary greatly depending on your location and the products you order. The best way to get an accurate quote is to add the items you want to your cart and begin the checkout process. Once you’ve entered your shipping information, you will see shipping prices for the different shipping options! No need to enter your credit card to see this information.

Orders over 150lbs may require Freight Shipping

Will my entire order be shipped together?

It depends! If you order a product with a very short processing time (stamps, decals, etc) and a product with a long turnaround time (mailers, tape, boxes, etc) we will try to ship you your products as soon as they are ready.

If the turnaround times are within a 1 week window (e.g. embosser and decal) we will ship your order together.

Additionally if you place two separate orders on the same day — we may ship them together to be more efficient and lower our ecological footprint. 

Different products might be coming to you from different locations as well, so the turnaround time can vary depending on the product.

Where will my order ship from?

Orders ship directly from our network of factories around the world. Depending on the products you order and where you are located your order may ship from a variety of locations and may be broken up into partial shipments accordingly.

How fast will my order ship?

The processing time depends on the product you’re ordering. The turnaround time can be found on the landing page for each product. You can always upgrade shipping so that it reaches you faster.

My tracking number isn't working. What's up?

If you received an email that your order has shipped but the link isn’t working, don’t worry! Often times the link won’t work until the post office has scanned the package into their system at the sorting facility. This is usually after 8 p.m. PST.

If your tracking number says “Pre-shipment info sent to USPS” this means that your package has definitely left our building and is in the hands of the post office.

If this is an international order, and you selected USPS First Class as your carrier, your tracking number will not update. This service does not provide tracking in order to keep their prices low. We are not able to track the order down once it has shipped.

What do I need to know about domestic freight shipping?

For large orders (over 130 pounds) we need to ship them via a freight shipping service. This means that your items will be delivered to you on one or more pallets. Shipping large volumes adds complexities that you need to be ready for!

We will work with our network of freight carriers to deliver your order within the estimated delivery window.

Pallets take up a lot of space, please make sure that you are ready to store your new Lumi goodies. You can always reach out to us and ask how many pallets you should be expecting. Each pallet is approximately 40x48 inches in length and width.

Freight shipments don’t have normal tracking like smaller orders. We will do our best to provide you with as much information as possible as soon as your order has shipped. You will most often be receiving a BOL (Bill of Landing) document with shipping information.

You will be responsible for being present when the order is delivered. If you are not available when the freight shipment arrives, you may be responsible for additional charges as this requires the delivery person to wait until you are ready.

Receiving a pallet or more requires some special equipment. To be ready you will need EITHER:

  • A dock-height loading dock (52 inches tall). This allows trucks to back up to the dock and transfer your pallet.
  • A forklift or pallet jack.

If you don’t have either of these, please let us know right away! We will be contacting you to gather your shipping information and this is crucial for us to know. If you don’t provide us with this shipping info, you will be subject to additional shipping charges. In the case that you don’t have a loading dock or forklift, you will need to be ready to carry each individual box in your shipment to your storage area. Be ready to have a few people to help you move the boxes quickly upon delivery.

You also might be shipping to a 3rd Party Logistics Center. 3PLs often have specific shipping instructions, its very important to communicate these to us before we ship your order, so that you are not charged extra fees from our shipping services as well as your logistics center.

Because these shipments are heavy, we ask that you cover the cost of shipping. This should be given to you during checkout, unless you are shipping internationally. In which case we will invoice you for shipping costs at a later time.

A handful of our products are produced overseas and must pass through customs before reaching us. Lumi will do everything in our power to get products to you in the timeframe we estimate, but customs can be very unpredictable. We are not responsible for unforeseen delays at customs and are not able to refund or discount orders that did not meet the expected turnaround time. If you need your order by a certain date, please let us know so we can do our best to get it to you by that date. If you are wondering if your product will be produced overseas, just reach out!

What options do you offer for international freight shipping?

If you are ordering over 150lbs internationally you will see the “Lumi Freight” option appear. If you choose this option you will be invoiced separately for the shipping charges.

The costs for freight shipping depend on several variables, including the weight of your order, the number of different products you ordered and where we are shipping to. If you would like to receive a quote on freight charges, please contact us.

If you are not satisfied by the freight options we offer, you can request a full refund of your order.

I just placed an order. When will it arrive?

We work hard to get things to you as quickly as possible. Each product has a different turnaround time that can be found on the product page. We’ll send you an email as soon as it ships out. If you need an order by a certain date, make sure you upgrade your shipping so it will reach you in time! We do our best to estimate when it will reach you, but the post office can be quite unpredictable, so we can’t promise it will be delivered on the estimated date. We aren’t able to guarantee any shipping times if free shipping is selected.

My tracking information says “Shipping Label Created” and nothing else. What does this mean?

This means that the post office hasn’t scanned your package into their system yet. Sometimes we run into this issue when the post office is really backed up. Hold tight! We really shipped it and it’s on its way to you! If it still hasn’t updated in a few days, just reach out to us.

If you are outside of the US and selected USPS First Class International, your tracking will not update as it is not included with this service. You can reach out to your local post office with your tracking number to see if it has reached customs yet.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We highly recommend upgrading your shipping for international orders. USPS First Class is the least expensive option, but it does not provide tracking outside of the US and can take over a month to be delivered.

We have found that DHL is the quickest and most reliable service for international shipments.

Please Note: International shipments may be delayed by the customs process. This is out of our control.

Your package may be subject to importation taxes and fees. These vary from country to country. Contact your local post office for current rules.

Once we have shipped your order, we only have access to the tracking you are provided. If you choose USPS First Class, we will not be able to tell where you package is.

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

Yes we do! To see how much shipping will cost, just add the items you would like to your cart and begin the checkout process. You can see shipping prices before you enter your payment info.

If I place two orders on the same day, will they be shipped together?

If you place two orders on the same day and shipping to the same address, we will try to ship them together.

I live in the US, how much will shipping cost?

Shipping prices can vary greatly depending on where you’re at and what your ordering. The easiest way to see an accurate shipping quote is by adding items to your cart and beginning the checkout process. From there you’ll see all of our shipping options available with your order and well as estimated delivery days.

I don’t live in the US. How much does international shipping cost?

Great question! It depends on a lot of things. First, it depends on the weight and size of what you’re ordering. Second, it depends on the shipping service you choose. To get a shipping quote, just add the items you would like to your cart and begin the checkout process. You can see shipping prices before you enter your payment info.

BEWARE: USPS First Class International is the least expensive option, but it can take over a month to be delivered and doesn’t provide tracking information once the package has left the US. We highly recommend using DHL – it’s speedy and reliable.

Your order may be subject to additional fees called VATs. These vary from country to country so we are not able to include them into our pricing. 

Will my international order be subject to customs fees?

Maybe! International orders are often subject to VAT (Value Added Tax), import fees or customs processing fees to get your order into the country. This is a complicated system and it varies depending on the value and size of you order and the country you’re shipping to. This is not included in our shipping costs, so you might need to pay extra when your order arrives in your country in order for it to be delivered to you.

Try this website to calculate the customs fees for your country.

Can I upgrade my shipping?

Absolutely! During the checkout process you’ll be able to select from a few shipping options and will see an estimated delivery date. Please take turnaround times into account when placing your order. For example, if you pay for overnight shipping this does not mean that it will reach you the next day, we still need time to make your order :)

I entered my shipping address wrong! What should I do?

Reach out to us right away! We ship out a lot of orders same day, so please let us know as soon as possible.

If I place an order over the weekend, when will it ship?

We operate Monday through Friday. If you place an order over the weekend we will begin processing it Monday morning (PST). An estimated turnaround time is displayed on the product page, in the editor and when you checkout.

I live in Los Angeles, can I pick up the products I ordered?

No, we are not able to offer will call or pickup service for products. They will be shipped directly to you. If you are looking to receive you products by a certain date we recommend choosing expedited shipping during checkout.