How do I format my design for Lumi?

Follow our Formatting Guide to learn how to prepare your designs before uploading them to Lumi.

My preview doesn't match my original file. Why?

If you’re not happy with the way the preview looks, don’t place your order! This is the file we will use to make your order. If you’re having issues uploading your design, check out our Formatting Guides. If you’re still having trouble just send your file to us and we’ll take a look at it.

When I upload my vector file, the font changes in the preview.

This means that your fonts have not been expanded into outlines. Please see our formatting guidelines for instructions on how to fix this.

Can I use multi-color designs?

It depends on the product. Contact us with your request and we’ll see what we can do! Our editor is only able to accept one color designs at this time.

How do I submit my design to Lumi?

Make sure it’s formatted correctly by reading our guide. You can get started by uploading your design here

Please note that size information will not be saved from your original file and you will need to select the size you want in the editor.

Does the size include the background or "artboard" from my original file?

Our program does not take the size of the “artboard” or background that your design is on in your original file. You will need to select the size that you want your design to be, not the size your original file was with the background.

We will never change the aspect ratio of your file.

However we do not save any size information from your original file so it’s very important to select the size you would like your design to be in the finished product. 

Do you provide dielines for your products?

Absolutely! Check out our dielines here. You can use photoshop to mockup your order the way you would like it, and then email it to to get started.

My design file is sized the way I want it, do I need to re-enter the size when ordering?

Yes! Our program does not keep the size information from the original file. You will need to select the size you would like the product made at. You can choose a custom size by selecting the “custom size” button in the editor.

If I upload a design, who owns the rights?

Your designs remain your property! Anything uploaded to Lumi is the property of its original creator. That means that you must control the rights to any design you upload to Lumi.

By the nature of our service, you also grant Lumi a non-exclusive license to manufacture products (such as silk screens, stencils, etc) from your design. If you choose to make your design public, other users can also order products made from that design. Currently, products made from your designs can only be purchased for personal use. Note that Lumi also reserves the right to use anything posted to Lumi to promote the site. Please read our Terms of Service for more detail.

How can I make my design private?

When uploading your design, select “No” under “Do you want to share this design with the Lumi community?”

If you have already uploaded your image, you can change the privacy settings by going to your profile page. Each of your uploads should be visible. Just click the lock icon to switch you design to private.

What kinds of designs can't be uploaded to Lumi?

Only upload designs that you created and hold all necessary rights to. Furthermore, we do not accept violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images. Please read our Terms of Service for more detail.

Do you offer design services?

We do not offer branding or logo design services. We do offer basic structural packaging design services – if you need help getting a custom dieline for your project get in touch. For more advanced branding and structural design services the following resources may help you find right partner. They are roughly organized from low to high-budget options.

Do you have pre-made designs that I can use?

Yes we do! You can find them here just click “Featured.”

How can I get featured on your Instagram?

Upload a photo of your Lumi goodies in action and hashtag #madewithlumi for a chance to be featured on our account! Find us on instagram @lumi.

I’m a designer, is there a way for me to sell my designs through Lumi?

Not yet, but we hope to add this in the future. You can always buy products with your designs through us and resell them.

My design isn't uploading correctly, what's up?

Read our formatting guidelines first. It is important that your design is in black and white and doesn’t have any color gradients. 

If you are working with a vector file (.ai, .svg, .eps) your design is most likely not outlined correctly, follow the outlining instructions in the guide.

If you are using a pixel file (.jpeg, .png, .gif) make sure your file is at least 300 dpi.

If you’re uploading a .pdf and having issues, try saving it as a .jpeg and upload it again.

Still not working? Email your file to and we’ll help!

I placed my order, but realized my file is wrong! What can I do?

Reach out to us right away! We do our best to start making orders as soon as they’re placed. Once we have started manufacturing your order, we won’t be able to change the design.

Can I place my logo somewhere other than what I see in the editor?

Absolutely! Check out our dielines here. You can use photoshop to mockup your order the way you would like it, and then email it to to get started.

Do you offer Pantone color matching?

This is usually something we can do, but it depends on the product! Please reach out to us with your custom PMS color and what product you would like it on and we can make sure it’s possible and give you the costs associated with color matching for that product.