What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard allows you to see products you previously customized and purchased, which we call builds. Click on the thumbnail of a build to view its details and re-order it.

You must be signed in to access your Dashboard. Once you are signed in, just visit lumi.com/dashboard.

What is a build?

A build is what we call a specific product with your particular specifications such as the size, color and design. Whenever you order a product from Lumi, it is saved as a build in your Dashboard. This makes it easy to reorder items that you have previously purchased.

How do I add a build to my Dashboard?

There are three ways to add builds to your dashboard:

  • Purchasing any product on Lumi will automatically add it to your Dashboard.
  • Clicking the “Save to Dashboard” button in the bottom left of the Editor will add that product to your Dashboard.
  • By requesting a quote on a custom item.

How do I remove a build from my Dashboard?

You can remove a build by clicking “Archive build” button. This will remove it from the main view but it will still be accessible in the Archived tab of your Dashboard