Rubber Stamp Guide


The rubber stamp is one of the easiest printing techniques to personalize cards, boxes, tags, packaging, and almost any paper or cardboard product. For best results consider these simple tips:

  • The flat edge of the handle indicates the bottom of the stamp.
  • Press firmly on the ink pad.
  • For crisp prints, lower your stamp straight down onto the material, press firmly, then lift straight up.

Tattoo Stamp

Stamping on your skin is safe and easy with our tattoo inkpad. The ink is non-toxic and dries quickly. It is washable, but can last for several days.

  1. Clean the area you will stamp using soap and water. Dry the area thoroughly using a cloth or paper towel.
  2. Press stamp onto tattoo inkpad until the surface is covered in ink.
  3. Place the stamp firmly onto the skin, do not move or wiggle the stamp. Pull the stamp straight up.
  4. Let the ink dry for 15 seconds and you’re done.

Using a washcloth or paper towel and soap and water. Gently scrub the area until the ink has been fully removed. Still not coming off? Try a makeup remover or an oil-based wash to easily remove the remaining ink.

If stamping on a round surface (arm, leg, etc). Try rolling the stamp pad across the surface to apply the ink evenly.

Note: Our temporary tattoo ink pad is FD& C approved ingredients and conforming to ASTM-D4236 and meets the new CPSIA certification requirements. Made in the USA.