Embosser Guide


Embossers are great for easily adding a personal touch to paper materials such as cards, stationary, stickers, and packaging. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Set your embosser on a stable flat surface.
  2. Insert your paper between the two plates.
  3. Press down firmly on the handle and release.


  • Practice on scrap paper first. It is important to get a feel for the amount of pressure to apply, as this varies with different types of paper.
  • Paper Type: Embossers work best on paper ranging from 20lb-36lb. Heavy Paper: We do not recommend embossing paper heavier than 80lb. Heavy paper may result in light or uneven impressions. Light Paper & Stickers: If the paper is too thin, it may crinkle or tear when embossed. Placing a sheet of paper underneath and embossing them together may improve your result.
  • Pressure: Find the right level of pressure for your application by experimenting. Too much pressure may cause your paper to tear or crinkle. Too little pressure and your result will be faint or uneven.


How big are the embossers?
Our embossers are 1 5/8” circles, we may slightly resize your design to fit it within this space.

What designs work best?
Because embossers are relatively small, very intricate designs do not work well. We recommend using bold lines and simple graphics or text for best results.

Can I order a new design and use the same embosser?
The “clip” is easily removable, so you can use another compatible clip with your embosser tool. However, we are not offering clip replacements at this time.